• Flamingo Salt and Pepper Shakers

    A set of stoneware salt and pepper shakers, cleverly disguised as a couple of Flamingos. The perfect addition to any summer party, we trust that the proud pair will brighten up any dinner party or kitchen table top.
  • DaTerra Linen Table Runner

    DaTerra design products that are sophisticated yet simple and their handcrafted collections include textiles, ceramics and wood. For our exclusive collaboration they have produced a high quality linen table runner with a contrasting trim. Crafted from 100% natural linen with neon detail, the table runner can also be used as a chic bathroom hand towel or even a summer scarf.
  • Opinel Kitchen Essentials

    A knife for every need. Introducing the essential kitchen collection from one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world, Opinel. Not only are they extremely high quality but their chic wooden handles will add a pop of colour to your kitchen.

  • Nautical Flag Napkins (Set of 4)

    Bringing our slice of the sea to your interiors we have reworked a historic communication device, the phonetic nautical alphabet. The minimal maritime icons have been recreated in our set of Nautical Napkins, with each one representing a different letter. 
  • The Tea Kit

    The tea kit is the ultimate pairing of two of our favourite designers. The herbal tea is sourced from Greek culinary specialists Daphnis & Chloe and sits alongside a Tom Dixon stainless steel strainer that is delicately etched to gradually release the herbal flavours.
  • Ilinka Collections Napkin Set

    Ilinka Collections combine elegant tableware with current interior design trends in the form of a set of four linen napkins. Each napkin is embroidered with bold, neon or pastel accents, adding a contemporary pop of colour to the even the most traditional of dinner parties.
  • Brass Bottle Opener

    A luxurious brass bottle opener from Ferm Living. This essential tool has been given a luxe upgrade and simplified down to a sleek geometric form, so even when not in use it becomes a sculptural object in its own right.
  • HAY Rolling Pin & Herbs

    A cooking-related box to bring both your kitchen cupboards and tastebuds some joy. We’ve teamed up with our friends Hay on a beautiful jade rolling pin and a dried Greek herb selection from Daphnis & Chloe.
  • Falcon Enamel Plates

    Falcon started in the 1920s and has been an icon of British home life ever since. Let us introduce you to their two new colours – red and grey, to join the classic blue in this exclusive set