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NOT-ANOTHER-BILL began its life in early 2011. It was set up by Ned Corbett-Winder. At the time he was working as an Art Director at M&C Saatchi Advertising agency. Being an Art director he always had exciting bits and bobs arriving from photographers and designers, this teamed with his addictive online shopping habits and magpie tendencies made his desk a fun if slightly eccentric place to work. His great friend Martin (and copywriter at the time) always complained that he never got anything fun through the post, and that is where the idea was born.


Growing up Ned was always surrounded by Art, Design and Fashion. (His mother a painter, father an Art Collector, sister a lifestyle and fashion writer) Having spent his school days studying Art and business in it’s various forms he then attended Central St Martins Art School and graduated with a 1st Class degree in Graphic Design and Advertising.
In early 2011 (whilst at M&C Saatchi) he dedicated all evenings and weekends to building NOTANOTHERBILL.


The founding idea was;


‘No-one gets anything good in the post anymore apart from bills and a few pizza menus.’


So in exchange for a fee, he’d send subscribers a surprise interesting package once a month to make them smile and brighten up their mailbox. The first present was a Take-Over-The-World-Kit; a manila envelope containing vintage maps, lead soldiers, gold coins and old cigarette place cards. Since then the business has flourised and he has collaborated with some of his favourite artists and designers.


For Ned it is about curation, discovery and an appreciation of craft and design. He will never send anything he doesn’t believe in or that you can easily find elsewhere. In the spring of 2012 Ned left his job to run Not-Another-Bill full time.




Ned.(Aged 4 and three quarters)