Behind The Scenes | Nota Bene Wares



Describe NotaBeneWares in three words?
“Tactile, fragrant, evocative.”




What is your dream collaboration?
“Because the scents we have created for our products are inspired by daily life of the English past,
it would be great to collaborate with an historic building or location of some sort to create a scent which conveys the essence of that place –
I imagine the creation would be at once familiar and unusual, like the smell of marmalade boiling but against the ‘backdrop’ of a coal fired range.
The evocative power of scent is what interests me the most so I think the possibilities in such a collaboration would be really exciting.”






What is your favourite of the Not Another Bill past presents?
“It’s incredibly hard for me to choose between the excellently-curated items included in your presents, however I would have to say the horn whisky tots;
horn is something which was used extensively by our ancestors for everything from proto window panes to a raising agent for bread(added as a powder, apparently it tasted gruesome).
It is a beautiful and durable natural material and I like that in drinking from these beakers one is partaking in an ages-old custom.”




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