Not Another Favourite | Ceramics Top 5

Francine Triboulet

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French artist and ceramicist Francine Triboulet creates delicate tableware in stoneware.

With each piece she tries to reimagine shapes and forms of existing vessels. Tea anyone?

Louise Madzia

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Kingston Illustration graduate Louise Madzia turns her fluid drawing style to plant pots and vases

and we can’t get enough of them.

Working from her North London studio Louise’s work has been picked up by many design shops

with everyone wanting to get their hands on the mini emoji pots

William Edmonds

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One third of Nous Vous collective, artists and designer William Edmonds creates

ceramics in seemingly random, yet perfect, speckled glazes.

Each porcelain pot is 100 % unique and William alters shapes and structure of traditional vessles.

Hannah Bould

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Another illustrator turned ceramicist, Hannah Bould’s monochrome work
is focused on geometric shapes and painterly textures.
Having just launched and exclusive range with our favourite Conran Shop
we expect big things from the North London designer.

Laura Bird



We had the pleasure of working with Laura Bird last year on our exclusive set of hand painted tiles.
The collection is hand painted with motifs of exotic animals, wild women and floral patterns,
We love the humour and narrative of Laura’s work with each tile telling a story.


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